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10 things not to do if you have lower limb tendon pain
03 September 2017 12:44PM
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10 tips based on contemporary knowledge of how to treat lower limb tendinopathy. A video summary of Prof Jill Cook's La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medic...

Why Not to Cheat
13 August 2017 9:58PM
Bridget Stewart - Staff Physiotherapist

Why Not to Cheat Cheating as a word is always seen in a negative light. Cheating on a test or when playing sport are things which most of us tend to a...

Chronic Pain - Tame the beast
02 August 2017 7:51PM
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In this amazing video, the professor Lorimer Moseley explaining us what really is chronic pain.[embed width="480" height="270" class="leftAlone" thumb...

The Shoulder Blade
23 July 2017 7:55PM
Jack Waller - Staff Physiotherapist

The Shoulder BladeShoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries seen in the clinic. Your shoulder blade or Scapula (to use the anatomical ter...

galore mag yoga pose legs up the wall
Put your feet up
27 April 2017 10:03AM
Bridget Stewart

Many of us may have been told to lie with our feet up the wall. Strange? Yes. Comfortable? Sometimes. But beneficial? Most definitely!Lying with feet ...

Outside Hartham place2
New Porirua Now Open!
25 April 2017 4:59PM
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North City Physiotherapy is proud to annouce on Monday 10th July 2017 we will be opening our central Porirua CBD clinic. We will be be able to continu...

Don't Let Gravity WIn
18 April 2017 4:49PM
Jack Waller - Physiotherapist

Don’t Let Gravity WinOur bodies are in a constant battle with gravity to stay upright. Whether you are sprinting towards the try line or simply standi...

ice and heat
Ice vs. Heat – The Debate
26 March 2017 5:58PM
Joanne Sullivan - Staff Physiotherapist

Recently I have been asked by several clients “what should I put on my injury, ice or heat? And what are the differences?” As physiotherapists, we see...

Understanding pain
19 March 2017 6:34PM
Emily Bourne - Senior Physiotherapist

As Physiotherapists, we deal with pain on a daily basis when trying to help our clients achieve their goals. Our bodies’ pain system is very complex a...

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Body weight circuits Part Two - The Lunge
28 February 2017 4:49PM
Chris Trickett - Senior Physiotherapist

Welcome back to the second part of my body weight circuit exercise newsletters. Here I will be introducing a lower body exercise that requires minimal...